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Decopas Malbec 2014

decopasmalbec2014Score: 85

Province: MendozaDecopas Malbec 2014

Grapes: 100% Malbec

Aging: 4 months in stainless steel

Redder, fruitier, and lighter than a typical Mendoza malbec, this one makes its case for inclusion on a late-summer table. Firm red plums arrive in the nose and on the palate, with a noticeable tang and only a touch of peppery bitterness.

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Argentina Finally Gets Its Gin

apostolesWhat do you get when you combine that most English of spirits with that most Argentine of drinks? A gin made with mate, of course. That's right, Argentina is now home to an artisanal gin made with, among other things, leaves of yerba mate, the stimulating communal drink shared with gusto by Argentines and other South Americans. As as you might expect, it's quite the experience on the palate.

Argentines have been anglophiles for at least a century. Private schools and lawn clubs in Buenos Aires have stuffy English names, and posh Argentines of a certain age speak English with clipped accents that would make Queen Elizabeth II proud. There's even an old chestnut by Jorge Luis Borges, possibly Argentina's greatest writer, calling Argentines "Italians who speak Spanish, act French, and want to be English." Plenty of them still order a "gintonic" when the weather gets hot.

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