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Alamos Torrontes 2014

alamos torrontes 2014Score: 90

Province: SaltaAlamos Torrontes 2014

Grapes: 100% Torrontes

A little different from your everyday Salta torrontes, and not just because it was vinified in Mendoza. There’s the straw color to start, as well as the pomelo and yellow plum mingling in the nose. Then there’s the sheer juiciness on the palate, with lemon and honey well concentrated and in excellent balance as well. And finally, there’s the unusually long, clean finish. All in all, it’s pure pleasure, especially enjoyed on its own – and a fantastic value, too.

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A Chat with German di Cesare of Trivento

germandicesareGerman di Cesare wants you to know that there is strength in unity. That even among rivals, there can be cooperation. And that people coming from the same starting points can reach very different destinations. This is how he describes the current cadre of young Mendozan winemakers, of which he is one of the stars.

German started at Trivento back in 2002, while he was studying enology at the local university after six years of training in school. He kept putting in the hours there, under veteran winemaker Manuel Gonzalez, even as he finished his licenciatura (sort of like a short master’s degree). German took over Trivento’s varietal wines in 2005 and then the premium lines in 2008. All along the way, he was working in parallel with other young men and women whom he’d known for years as classmates, colleagues, and eventually competitors.

“There’s a group of winemakers who are very passionate, about wine and the land,” he says, giving a range of ages from 30 to 50. “The great masters have already put their seals on the industry. This group has more contact with the commercial matters, the press, and we all know each other; we met each other in school.”

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