El Porvenir Amauta Absoluto Tannat 2014

elporveniramautaabsolutotannat2014Score: 89

Province: SaltaEl Porvenir Amauta Absoluto Tannat 2014

Subregion: Cafayate

Grapes: 100% Tannat

If you’ve never had tannat, a whiff of this deepest dark wine will surely garner a few cries of “Oh my goodness.” The aromas don’t so much glide up through the nostrils as attack them, with burnt toast, toffee, and blackberry syrup leading the way. But have no fear – this unoaked tooth-stainer from Salta will leave you braced rather than breached. In the mouth, fresh crushed blackberries explode with flavor, lined with a thin layer of tire rubber – and they keep on going for what seems like minutes. It’s a juicy fruit bomb that’s perfect for tannat beginners.