For wine sellers

Argovino offers a variety of services to help vendors, distributors, and producers of Argentine wines:

Receiving our ratings. We’d be delighted to send you an up-to-date spreadsheet of all our ratings and reviews. Email us at info (at) argovino (dot) com, and we’ll generally respond within 24 hours. You can also sign up for our newsletter via email to receive new reviews as they are posted. Please note that the final version of any review is the one that appears on the website.

Sharing our ratings with your customers. Please feel free to publicize our ratings and use the text of any of our reviews with attribution to Argovino. We also have small, attractive bottle tags for wines that receive scores of 88 and higher. If you would like to have the tags in your store, please email us at the address above; we will send them out free of charge.

Rating your wines. We are happy to taste and review any Argentine wines we receive, provided they are available either in stores or online to American retail consumers. Reviews are usually posted on our website within 30 days of receiving new wines. Please send wines to our shipping address: Argovino, 144 North 7th Street, Suite 523, Brooklyn NY 11249.

Advertising. We offer three opportunities for advertising: ads in our newsletter, banner ads on our site, and links to vendors’ sites for wine purchases. We are happy to place exclusive links from our reviews to the same wines on your site. These links carry a small monthly fee that does not depend on how many bottles are sold via the link.