New Age NV

New Age NVScore: 85

Province: MendozaNew Age NV

Grapes: 90% Torrontes, 10% Sauvignon Blanc

Yes, this is a sweet non-vintage sparkler with just 9% alcohol. Yes, the label recommends drinking it with ice and a lime wedge. But this wine is unusual in interesting ways, too. The nose mixes guava and kerosene, and sweet flavors of pineapple and dried pear are offset by a note of laundry detergent and a surprisingly dry and chewy finish. The aftertaste is a bit odd, too, with a mix of green apple and bitterness. This is a popular wine in Argentina thanks to its price, marketing, and soda-like drinkability. It’s also an interesting excursion off the beaten path, and a good alternative to cheap prosecco.